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Rental of portable toilets for Weddings and Events

Be-green’s portable toilet service is ready to assist you with whatever party rental needs you have planned. We have simple portable toilets ready to use.


Weddings are one of our biggest spring, summer and fall party rental activities. We have portable toilets for weddings anywhere.

Events and Holidays 
Major holidays can be big family celebrations. If you’re planning a big event over the holidays, don’t forget our portable toilet rental services.

Rental of portable toilets for Works

The Construction Industry, where the need for the portable toilet was established. At Be-green, we supply portable toilet rentals for construction sites, both small and large.
Health and safety become a watchword in the construction industry. Thus began the requirement for sanitation and wellness.
Construction toilets offer a clean and hygienic design. It is a self-contained unit with a manual pump discharge.

Rental of portable toilets for Agriculture and Fields

When it comes to portable sanitation in the field of agriculture and hydroculture, Be-green can provide dedicated wc units anywhere. Our ecological toilets with a water recirculation system are ideal in rural settings.
In fact, they help us to save much more water than any other toilet, maintaining the flushing system and high levels of hygiene. Be-green portable toilets are ideal for locating in remote and difficult-to-access sites.

All our toilets comply with the GLOBAL GAP regulations

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